Marshall Fields International

An Amsterdam-based company aiming to transform the international cannabis industry through portfolio companies, including a Dutch recreational license holder, a gateway to Europe, and a majority shareholder in Canadian licensed producer Phoena.



Rooted iin Amsterdam, Marshall Fields International is aiming to transform the international cannabis industry through various portfolio companies. With a majority share in the Canadian licensed producer Phoena and Cannamax, a Dutch recreational license holder, as the gateway to Europe, Marshall Fields International is to become a key player in the emerging market of recreational cannabis.

We believe that we have secured a variety of production positions in place, but our core assets are our international team with an effective mix of corporate and legacy know-how as well as unique access to cannabis genetics and IP.


To transform the international cannabis industry by liberating, elevating and accelerating the science, art and legacy of cannabis cultivation so as well as to continually excite the consumer.


Marshall Fields International is the linking pin through the old and new world of cannabis, a guide through the complex transition to legality and to unlock the gates to legal (recreational) cannabis cultivation.


Marshall Fields International values innovation, loyalty, leadership, quality, and trust. We strive to deliver exceptional results while fostering long-term relationships with our partners.




With roots as one of the first medical cannabis companies in Canada, Phoena has expanded its capacity and capabilities to meet the needs of both the medical and recreational cannabis markets. Founded in 2013, Phoena consistently delivers high-quality products to empower Canadian cannabis consumers to improve their every day.

Phoena’s 450,000 square foot hydroponic perpetual harvest greenhouse facility is located in Fenwick, Ontario, in the heart of the lush Niagara region and continues to expand capacity to meet increasing demand. Phoena produces cannabis in a near-constant state of harvest, more efficiently and at better quality levels than indoor facilities of the past. Their manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters are located in Vaughan, Ontario.

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Cannamax is a licensed producer of cannabis for recreational purposes in the Netherlands. The company has been awarded a coveted license (1 in maximum 10) for cultivation and sale of cannabis in the controlled cannabis supply chain experiment initiated by the Dutch government, enabling Cannamax to supply cannabis to the most mature cannabis retail landscape in the world.

Cannamax aims to leverage the operational expertise of the team, with over 100+ years’ experience in key industries including the legacy cannabis market and large-scale horticulture, as well as our established position and network in the Netherlands, to become a dominant player in the developing European cannabis industry.

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